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Why a Mobile Friendly Website? A big part of my business this year has been website re-designs. When I get an enquiry, the first questions that I get asked is why should I have a mobile friendly website?

Rather than go into a big long spiel and confuse the person I just show them a couple of screenshots of my client’s analytics statistics, one of which is this image of a client who was running a very successful Facebook campaign.

From these statistics, when accounting for the Facebook views only, over 88% of those are from mobile devices.

Mobile Responsive Design

A few Reasons why Mobile Websites are SO Important

As per Google’s search engine algorithm update of April of 2015, Google says that it now gives preference to sites that are mobile friendly. Therefore it will penalise you if your site is not easy to read and is not as the user should expect it to be.

Mobile devices are now used more to browse the web than traditional desktop computers. As well as just web browsing, online purchases on a mobile device have now surpassed purchases made on desktops.

Even though responsive websites tend to cost a small bit more and take a little longer to put together, in the long run, these sites are much easier to manage, amend and upgrade making the site more cost effective over its lifecycle. Also as Google recommends a responsive approach, its easier to get the site to stat ranking on Google’s search engine and should reduce your SEO budget.

An optimized and consistent site, no matter what platform it’s viewed on, provides a better experience for the user, which is more likely to lead to them engaging with you than going elsewhere.

Why not click here and check to see if your sites mobile friendly.

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Web Design Trends of Ireland 2015

Web Design Trends of Ireland 2015


Web Design Trends in Ireland 2015

Often, your website is the first impression that potential customers will get of your business, so it’s important that it looks professional, easy to read, and attractive.

Design trends are changing quickly and keeping up can be a challenge at the best of times and ever so important which in turn will make a good impression on your potential customers.

Here are some of more popular trends that have been making an appearance:

Responsive Design

With reports that more and more people are choosing to do their online shopping from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet rather than a PC or laptop, it’s no surprise that many small business owners have ensured that their website has a responsive design.


The ‘minimalist’ style is more prominent. This means fewer visual elements of a higher quality. Solid blocks of vibrant color are also on trend, especially when drawing attention to features.

Video Background Trends

Websites generally are storytelling tools and storytelling can be more effective when visuals and motion are involved so the ideas and emotions can be transferred to the visitor easier. We‚Äôve seen businesses implementing video in their websites.

Mobile First Websites

As the number of people using mobile devices outstripped people on desktop computers in 2014, the focus of designing the website from a mobile point of view first has become increasingly prominent.

With the Google search algorithm update in April of this year, which may penalize a site’s Google ranking that is, not mobile friendly, friendly mobile design should be at the front of any web designer’s priorities.

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