WebSite Maintenance

WebSite Maintenance

WebSite Maintenance

One of the main reasons that I took the decision to start writing posts at different intervals is to hopefully try and give knowledge to some of the issues that I encounter on a daily basis that the Website owner bury their head in the sand about. In most cases these bugs and fixes can be rectified in a very short amount of time by either a professional but, also quite often by the website owner themselves.

WebSite maintenance is a subject that I deal with every day, quite often due to enquiries where a site needs updating, or in the case of a CMS managed site like Word-Press, where the site has been updated and now some of the sites features are not working.

I first want to mention the importance of updating a sites content management system, theme or plugins. These updates are normally provided to prevent security attacks and threats to manipulate vulnerabilities within your sites files. For this reason alone, you should continually check for updates and make sure that they are activated. Other reasons would include to enhance the performance of your site.

As mentioned above, people quite often do not update there website files due to the fact that when they do, it changes certain features of the site that they never wanted to change and they worry about costs involved to change the files back again. The reason why your features have changed is not because of the update, its because the person who put together your site made the amendments in the core files which are the files that are set to change back to default settings with every update.

Therefore, WebSite maintenance is extremely important.

If you find that you have the same problem as above, one of our team would be happy to discuss a solution where your site can be constantly updated without affecting the content of your site. Email us at

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