Getting your website Christmas ready.

The summer season is in full swing, the sun is shining and there’s still a long stretch in the evenings, but its time to get your website Christmas ready for the busiest season of the year for most where the famous quote, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” comes to mind.

Every company will have a different reason for having a website, but a lot have common goals. I’m going to try and give you some advice that will help you in the run up to Christmas, but can be used all year round.

Remember that trends from the last couple of years show that purchasers are researching earlier in line with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Be prepared!

Introduce Special Holiday Promotions

The holiday season is a great time to offer something special to all your website visitors. Then again, you may just want to limit specials to loyal customers or anyone who becomes a subscriber to your site. This is the perfect opportunity to build your mailing list!

Promote Your Holiday Offers

For best success, be sure that you develop your holiday promotion well in advance. You may want to create a marketing spreadsheet that helps you keep track of what tasks need to be completed when.

For eCommerce Websites

Think about your products and make sure 1. They are in stock, 2. You’ve written you own description of each and finally 3. You have them SEO’d correctly. Don’t just copy and paste descriptions provided by a supplier, give it your own twist. Take the time to SEO each product individually as you’ll improve your chances of getting each product found.

At the end of the day, being prepared for what people are looking for and keeping your website fresh and up to date are things you should be doing all the time, but in the run up to Christmas it gives you a reason to invest some time in your website.

The Most Important Part: The Shopping Cart

It doesn’t matter what you do to attract additional visitors if your website doesn’t allow them to effortlessly make a purchase.

While you are ramping up the graphics on your website, take the time to closely examine the backend of your online shopping cart. Make sure it is ready and able to handle all the increased traffic you are expecting as a result of your holiday promotions.

This is also an excellent time to add related items to help increase sales. Go over your product list with a fine-toothed comb to ensure descriptions are accurate and up-to-date as well as adding related items and popular items.

Install a ‘live chat’ function to handle the extra enquiries.

Not only is Paddy in so much of a rush he NEEDS your website to be mobile friendly, he also has no time to be calling or emailing with his shipping query. Live chat is a simple and easy add on for your website that could seriously improve your sales around the holiday period.


This is something everyone should keep an eye on throughout the year. In the run up to Christmas, in particular with eCommerce websites, it’s important to analyse what people are searching for and alter your SEO accordingly. It might be something seasonal that you offer that needs to be highlighted, or a product that you want to push.


It shows that with some minor changes to your banners existing banners and Christmas content that you can add a little bit of festive cheer to the website.  If you have a graphic designer, get them to design something for you. Also try to make sure that they are sharp and slightly different to previous offerings.

It’s also key to research current trends in both customer behaviour and habits.

It’s a good time to reflect on your current site and how you’d like it to look for that extra boost in business.

We at Gelco Web Design can help you in preparing for what can be the busiest time of year and put you on a good foot for going forward. Contact us today by email at to arrange a free consultation where we can help you manage your campaigns going forward.

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