Website and Computer Training

A common question that we get asked during initial meetings with small and medium businesses is: How easy is it for us to make edits to content and products?

The answer: With the fantastic range of Content Management Systems available and a small bit of training, its very easy.

The truth is that many small and medium size businesses who have an online presence now need to be able to edit their own website content and more importantly, products to adapt to an ever moving fast paced environment. As well site edits, the need to constantly run software updates is becoming more important to prevent malicious attacks, many see the need to update software as a chore but in reality its becoming a necessity.

We now offer personal training session to help you with this.

Include training as part of your website package with us, and you’ll save on the course¬†fees and future web maintenance costs.

As well as helping you edit and maintain your site, we can also help with the training of other areas. Contact us to day and see how we can help!

If you’d be interested in seeing how we can help you grow your business and give your team the knowledge and know how to manage your website, email us at

Alternatively, if you’d like to outsource your website maintenance and management, we’d love to talk to you and tailor make you a package to suit your needs.


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