WORDPRESS – The Worlds Most Popular CMS

WordPress, which was launched in 2003 has become the worlds most popular content management system (CMS) being used by an estimated 73 million sites.

Combined sites that use WordPress publish multiple posts every second on its free open source platform. The platforms flexibility, ease of use, customisable and large community of support makes it such a powerful tool and just keeps on getting better.

Increasingly, more of our work is done through the WordPress CMS platform. We also find that the WordPress CMS systems is an ideal and affordable way to easily set up and manage an online shop otherwise known as an eCommerce website.

We have a wide range of solutions so that you can showcase your products and services, trade online and accept payments securely.

Wordpress Websites Cork
Wordpress Websites Cork
Wordpress Websites Cork

Other Services – As well building WordPress websites, we also maintain and update these websites. Updates are normally provided to prevent security attacks and threats to manipulate vulnerabilities within your sites files. For this reason alone, you should continually check for updates and make sure that they are activated. Quite often, these updates are not managed properly and once carried out, erase functionality to one’s website by editing files.

Other maintenance reasons would include to enhance the performance of your site. This has both user experience advantages as well as search engine ranking advantages. Have questions? Email us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Our email address is info@gelcowebdesign.ie.

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